Cement Advanced Process Control Toolkit (CAT)

G2 CAT, or Cement Advanced Process Control Toolkit, provides advanced process control and optimization of Raw Milling, Pyro and Cement Milling processes as found in most cement production plants. CAT executes on the unique and stable G2 platform. The CAT suite provides the following broad core tools, which are tightly integrated to create an underlying foundations of reliability, extensibility, and ease of use.

General Control and Optimization (APC)

APC is a toolkit for various generic control and optimization tasks. These can be used as is, or modified and extended by the user. They include:

  • Classical Control, such as PID and Cascaded Loops
  • Sequential Control
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Rule-Based or Expert System (ES) Control, which is based on the Core G2 Inference Engine
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Hybrid and Custom Control – i.e., any combination of the above or other control strategies

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Cement Specific APC tools

Cement APC tools are pre-built control and optimization functions built specifically for cement processes. These can be extended or customised to suit specific plants and cement units. Control strategies implemented range from small ES or PID control for say cooler air and combustion to much larger far MPC matrices. These are based on the general APC tools and include but are not limited to:

  • Milling (Raw and Cement, as well as horizontal and vertical mills)
  • Integrated Pyro Processing (Preheater, Precalciner, Kiln , Cooler)
  • Cement Quality Control
  • Integrated Plant – Supply chain
  • Power Optimization

Intelligent Alarming & Event Management

This is a sophisticated, operator centric, real-time Alarm and Event management console to enable better management production processes. It includes:

  • Abnormal condition (situation) management (ACM)
  • Standard Operator Procedure Enforcement (SOP)
  • Advanced Signal Processing, including instrument analysis and filtering
  • Data validation and data reconciliation
  • Prediction, and other mathematical tools such as ANNs (artificial neural networks)

Business Intelligence – Data Analysis

CAT comes with a sophisticated data mining and investigation tool to help uncover various relationships and trends in the cement plant. This tool also provides the means to create an dashboard and KPI reports.


G2 CAT can easily integrate with your existing, new or legacy control and IT systems using a variety of communications bridges and functions. These include:

  • OPC standards
  • Active X, to connect to EXCEL and Microsoft products and others
  • DCS and SCADA using various bridge systems such as Modbus plus, Siemens S5 and S7
  • Database (ODBC, SQL)
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • User interface integration to Specific SCADA systems


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