Success Program


The Customer Success Program is the process we use to realize our goal of 100% Customer Success.

The program itself is simple. Our CEO, your executive sponsor, or your Account Manager speaks with you formally once every six months on the topic of your success. During these calls or meetings, we reaffirm our understanding of your success objectives, review progress and establish measurable actions.

Through this process, we stay laser focused on what matters most to each customer.

Complete a Customer Success Call

These twice yearly calls between our teams provide a unique opportunity to discuss the relationship, uncover improvement opportunities, share successes and gain insight into what is on the horizon at Gensym. Don’t have your next success call on the calendar? Contact us at

Define and Execute a Success Plan

Tailored to each customer, this simple action plan clearly outlines how success is defined by the customer, notes where Ignite stands today and provides a proposal of the steps required to achieve success.