Model Predictive Control (MPC)

Gain Clarity with Hindsight

Fully optimize your control sequence with Model Predictive Control (MPC) and G2. Initially built to meet the highly specialized control needs of petroleum refineries and power plants, MPC, one of the key Advanced Control Methods, is now found in wide range of industries and application areas including cement manufacturing, transportation and aerospace.

Gain clarity with hindsight

The requirement for consistent attainment of high product quality and more efficient use of environmental resources led to the development of the successful MPC algorithm. MPC is a multivariable control algorithm widely known to yield high performance control systems capable of operating without expert intervention for long periods of time.

Solution Benefits

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  • Creates minimized operating costs while meeting production constraints
  • Drives growth capitalization while maximizing operational efficiency
  • Allows for consistent discharge quality
  • Guarantees to be stable and robust to model uncertainty
  • Reduces off-specs products and increased throughput
  • Processes large numbers of manipulated and controlled variables
  • Allows constraints to be imposed on both Multi-variable and Control Variable
  • Allows time delays, inverse response, inherent nonlinearities, changing control objectives and predictive sensor failure

MPC with G2

More powerful than stand-alone MPS solutions brought about through intelligent implementation and integration with the G2 Ecosystem.

  • G2 Intelligent Controller: Higher Uptime, Less Maintenance
  • Intelligent Pre and Post Processing
  • Recipe Control
  • Hybrid Control: Integrate with PID, Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems
  • Integrate with Predictions, Neural Networks (NeurOnline)
  • Incrementally Improve:  Tune, Detune, Upgrade

MPC is available as an additional module to our Gensym G2 Enterprise edition. Implementation specialists are on-hand and ready to help you optimize your application built on G2 inclusive of MPC. Existing support users can contact their account manager to get started or submit a ticket to the support portal.

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